Friday, February 10, 2017


The only way to control government spending is to limit the amount of tax money that can be taken from its citizens.

A better way to tax is available to the State of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State Income Tax - whether it is 5.25 or 3.25% or 2% -- it is a bad system.  Present system, people must figure the income with all the deductions and tax credits, etc. and the State waits months to get paid.  We can do better. 

Would you prefer to get paid once a year or 26 times a year?  The State could be collecting taxes every pay period from every person receiving a paycheck.  I urge you to consider the following tax reforms.

Totally Eliminate State Personal Income Tax or at least eliminate the first $100,000.00 of income so most people will not need to file anything.

The old saying - What is your two cents??

Better to say what is your TWO PERCENT?

How much paperwork is required of the taxpayer when you purchase an item from WalMart or McDonald’s?  NONE!  The average citizen is not required to file any paperwork with the State Government regarding sales tax paid.  Why not make the same type system for personal income tax?

Eliminate Personal Income Tax Totally to be replaced with a State Payroll Tax of TWO PERCENT - could even go three percent max.

Fair treatment for everyone.  First dollar is taxed – last dollar is taxed with no exemptions including State employees. 

This is two percent of the gross income and the business owners collects the taxes and pays it to the State government just like FICA taxes.

This needs to be voted on by the people as part of the Constitution to lock in the rate so our citizens and businesses can plan for the future. 

Keep the tax system SIMPLE!  Eliminate the need for the average Oklahoman to file any tax forms on April 15th

Profit from sale of assets, real estate and investments to be address as small business-personal tax program.

This would get the State Government out of micro-managing the daily life of the taxpayers.  It is called FREEDOM!
An advantage given by the government to one person means an unfair
dis-advantage to all other Americans. Our Founding Fathers believed that small government and less taxes means more freedom. 



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